Dog Dessert Done Right!

Swell 'Nog for dogs is a marriage between a custardy vegan eggnog and a pumpkin spiced latte, sure to tantalize your dogs taste buds. Take off the lid before serving it to your dog and you'll understand why as the aromas of coconut, pumpkin, honey, cinnamon and ginger drift your way. 'Nog is intended to be stored frozen but serve thawed so just set it in the fridge a few hours before serving and watch your dog enjoy their Swell moment.

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the packaging says it all

Swell packaging is made to stand out because... our products do too!

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made with love in the NW

All Swell desserts are hand-crafted in Seattle, WA.  We put great care in the making of our our products and make sure it always passes both the human and dog taste test. The 'Nog base is cooked in small batches, chilled overnight, churned and then each cup is hand-packed and quickly frozen to retain optimal taste and texture.